This one of a kind home was conceptualized, designed, and created by Archimedia in 2014. Even before you enter the house, it’s easy to see from the outside that its very essence was created around the concept of enjoying the luscious New Zealand countryside from the top of that stunning cliff side.

Besides perhaps the unique shape of the buildings and each floor, the first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice about Hekerua Bay Residence is the windows! How could you not? Crystal clear glass makes up nearly every wall on the side facing out to the cliff and off into the natural land. The spacious floors of the home, however, aren’t the only place on the property that you can get a great view from. The back patio, which also faces towards the cliff side, features a stunning lounge space next to an impressive blue pool, just in case you’d rather enjoy the view of nature while also relaxing in it.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand